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Realvision Website Support and Maintenance Services

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, and experience, we have been building, supporting, and maintaining websites, and web servers for over two decades.

We can provide as much or as little website support and maintenance as needed to meet your requirements.

We can assist with anything related to websites, email, and hosting from content authoring, populating and managing online stores, adding aditional functionality, to virus and malware removal, custom software development, server and hosting configuration, management, and optimization.

Our maintenance service ensures your sites are secure, software is up to date, virus and malware free, backed up at least once per day, and includes automatic site monitoring tools.

We have found that many site owners are totally unaware of the status of their websites, databases, and hosting enviroments, the potential risks of being compromised, and the implications of personal data held. 

Our full website and hosting audit includes analysing your hosting, hosting configuration, databases, website, installled software, backup system, performing security checks, and producing a report with our findings, and reccomendations for discussion. We can then implement any required changes, of you can implement them yourself with as much or as little support from our experts as required.

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Realvision Website Monitoring ServicesOur continuous website monitoring service tests website availability from multiple locations once every minute.

If an issue is detected, additional tests are automatically performed, our support team are notified, an investigation commences, followed by actions to restore the site.

Statistics are maintained and prove very useful when issues are detected. For example an issue occuring at the same time each day, week, or month is often caused by a server executing routine tasks, which can be modified to rectify the issue.

We provide a basic service free of charge monitoring once every five minutes to all of our active clients, logs are retained for 30 days. For those who requre access to logs and statistics we offer a premium service for a nominal fee of $20 per year per domain name or URL, this includes testing once per minute, retaining logs for a year, and downtime notification email to your email address as well as our support team.

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Realvision Website Support SystemOnce a website, or project enters our Support System a private secure support forum is created where all documentation is kept.

Our support site is fully secure and sensitive information such as passwords can be uploaded securely.

All of the work that we do is documented here, and once your site is in our system, access to the information is permanent..

When you submit a support request our support team are notified immidiately, our maximum response time is six hours, and generally we respond in two hours or less. Should your request be extremely urgent we can be contacted by telephone, this service isn't free, and is charged at your normal hourly support rate.

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Realvision Internet Website Training Services We provide all levels of remote training.

From content authoring, adding content, through search engine optimisation and marketing techniques, to maintaining your websites, and keeping them secure and up to date.

With all training we provide secure access to our customer support system, where apart from documenting your changes, and progress you can request assistance or advice from our experts.

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What our Clients have to say

Joomla Setup, and re-configure existing site

This job involved configuring Joomla correctly, setting up native SEF URL's, implementing additional site security measures, along with automated daily site backups.

Private Company based in Denver, Colorado, USA