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Our Website Maintenance services involve monitoring performance, keeping websites secure, and their software up to date.

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  • About Realvision Internet

    We provide complete website solutions globally from concept, through design and development, to hosting, marketing, training, maintenance and support.

    Our specialised web design, development and support services have been operating for over two decades serving end users, and web design studios alike.

    Armed with a wealth of knowledge, and experience, we offer a friendly, professional service, if you require some assistance with an existing website, building new websites, or have any questions, or need some advice start a live chat by clicking or pressing the chat widget on the bottom right this page, or CONTACT US via our online form.

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  • Joomla website maintenance multiple Joomla sites

    Joomla website maintenance multiple Joomla sites

    This involved auditing multiple Joomla sites, adding them to our support system, repairing broken pages, adding additional security, and now ongoing general updates and maintenance is carried out on a weekly basis as well as additional requests from the client.

    I'm very impressed with this provider. Very prompt, organized and professional. We now use him exclusively for all of our web projects.
    Private Company based in New York, USA

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  • Move hacked Joomla site to new host and update version

    Malware detected on Joomla website

    This involved transferring a Joomla 2.5 site from Godaddy to Siteground, removing malware, restoring hacked Joomla source, repair of corrupt database,  migration to Joomla 3, and installing additional security measures to keep the site secure.

    Highly recommended, extremely fast turnaround and a very professional service. Nice Job, Well Done!
    Private Company based in Columbus, Ohio, USA

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  • Update Joomla 1.5 website to the latest version

    This project involved migrating a Joomla 1.5 website to Joomla 3.6.5 and consisted of the following;

    • Updating the existing site to the last Joomla 1.5 version
    • Creating a new Joomla 3.6.5 website
    • Importing users, content, and media
    • Recreating the non compatible site template with a responsive Joomlart template
    • Creating a custom stylesheet
    • Replacing obsolete extensions
    • Creation of a custom form with Googe reCAPTCHA
    • Implementation of SEF URL's
    • Installation and configuration of dynamic html and xml sitemaps, along with SEO tools integrated with Google Analytics, and Google Search Console
    • Adding security measures to keep the site secure
    • Settig up an automated daily backup system, backing up the site files, and database, and retaining backups for seven days
    • Removal of the old site
    Good work, on schedule, and on budget, Thanks!
    Private Client based in Santa Monica, California, USA

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  • Update Joomla and migrate J2Store to latest version

    Joomla Website Update

    This project consisted of installing a backup system, backing up the website, updating Joomla from 3.6.5 to 3.8, and migrating J2Store from from 2.8.8 to 3.2.25 using the migration tool, and adding additional security measures to the website.

    Great Job, fast turnaround, excellent customer service.
    Private Retailer based in Los Angeles, California, USA

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  • Website and Hosting audits

    Website and Hosting audits

    Our full website and hosting audit includes analysing your hosting, hosting configuration, databases, websites, installled software, backup system, performing security checks, and producing a report with our findings, and reccomendations for discussion.

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  • Website Availability Monitoring

    Website Availability Monitoring

    Our continuous website monitoring service tests website availability from multiple locations once every minute.

    If an issue is detected, additional tests are automatically performed, and a support ticket is automatically created in our helpdesk system.

    Our support team are notified, an investigation commences, followed by the relevant actions to restore the site.

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  • Website Support and Maintenance Services

    We have found that many site owners are totally unaware of the status of their websites, databases, and hosting enviroments, the potential risks of being compromised, and the implications of personal data held.

    Also many site owners are paying extortionate hosting fees for below standard services running on out of date and insecure hosting environments.

    Our full website and hosting audit includes analysing your hosting, hosting configuration, databases, website, installled software, backup system, performing security checks, and producing a report with our findings, and reccomendations for discussion.

    We can then implement any required changes, of you can implement them yourself with as much or as little support from our experts as required.

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  • Website Support System

    Website Support Login

    Once a website, or project enters our Support System a private secure support forum is created where all documentation is kept.

    Our support site is fully secure and sensitive information such as passwords can be uploaded securely.

    All of the work that we do is documented here, and once your site is in our system, access to the information is permanent..

    When you submit a support request our support team are notified immidiately, our maximum response time is six hours, and generally we respond in two hours or less. Should your request be extremely urgent we can be contacted by telephone, this service isn't free, and is charged at your normal hourly support rate.

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