Nginx is free and open source web server software, which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache. We use Nginx on ourLinux VPS's and dedicated servers.

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  • Set up VPS, transfer and cleanup 18 hacked Joomla Websites

    WHM Cpanel to Plesk migration

    This consisted of; replacing a compromised WHM/Cpanel VPS web server, building and configuring a new VPS, installing and configuring Plesk, a firewall, and virus scanner, configuring Apache, nginx and php, mailserver, nameserver, DNS, transfering infected sites, malware removal updating the Joomla version on 18 sites, along with all of the templates and all extensions, implementing additional site security measures, along with automated daily site backups.

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  • Website Hosting Services

    Cost effective hosting solutions for your websites without compromising performance, and security.

    We are extremely flexible, we understand that requirements differ from customer to customer, and can supply or recommend our tried and tested solutions.

    We fully understand hosting requirements, web server configurations, firewalls and security, and the consequences of inadequate hosting, and have successfully migrated and secured several hundred websites.

    Select from our standard solutions or we can create a custom package that best suits your needs, from one or two websites, to virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and beyond. We have servers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA and typically uptime is greater than 99.9 percent. We can also recommend shared hosting for you, which we can configure, manage and provide as little, or as much support as required.

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