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Realvision InternetWe provide complete website solutions globally from concept, through design and development, to hosting, marketing, training, maintenance and support.

Our specialized web design, development and support services have been operating for over two decades serving end users, and web design studios alike.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, and experience, we offer a friendly, professional service, if you require some assistance with an existing website, building new websites, or have any questions, or need some advice start a live chat by clicking or pressing the chat widget on the bottom right this page, or CONTACT US via our online form.

Realvision Internet Limited
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Our Technical Director Andrew, has over thirty years experience in Computing and Engineering including; Digital, and Analogue Electronic Design, Robotics, Programming, System Configuration, System Administration, Production, Manufacturing, Robotic, and Process Engineering.

Andrew owned a Sinclair ZX81, when file storage was hit or miss on an audio cassette, and the only screen output was a television in monochrome, and it came with a massive 1K of memory. Then moving on to the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and then PC's with dos, then msdos, followed by Windows, and Linux. He has been building PC's and Servers for over twenty years, as well as installing, and configuring networks, and all kinds of computer related equipment and interfaces.

Before access to the Internet became widely available, he used Bulletin Board Systems, CompuServe, and America Online to share files and exchange messages connecting via dial up modems and phone lines. Everything was text only until Mosaic, and Netscape web browsers appeared as GUI's in the early 1990's.

Andrew has been building websites since the 1990's, beginning with a text editor, and has worked with Joomla, its components, modules, plugins and templates since it evolved as a fork of Mambo in 2005. Prior to Joomla he had already gained several years Content Management System experience with Mambo and and Typo3.

He has over a decade of WordPress experence and is still actively involved in repairing hacked Wordpress websites, removing malware, relocating them, and migrating them to Joomla for greater security and ease of administration. Other experience includes Tableau Server, and Magento, both of which he has integrated successfully into Joomla websites.

Andrew has now built, managed, maintained and worked on several hundred Joomla websites, and has become a Joomla Specialist, taking on all kinds of Joomla related projects, including building new websites, migrating existing websites to Joomla, troubleshooting existing Joomla sites, maintaining, backing up and updating Joomla web sites, fixing server, hosting, and security related issues, and developing custom extensions.

In 2015 Andrew began training team of developers, who along with himself successfully manage and maintain several hundred Joomla websites, along with dedicated server, VPS, and shared hosting. The team also produce custom software along with extensions for Joomla.

Andrew built our secure private customer support site where apart from documenting all changes, bugs can be reported, questions asked, and additional features can be requested. This enables us to work very efficiently as lots of issues with versions, updates, templates, menus, components, modules, plugins, bugs, and code modifications are common across many installations. As well as end users web design agencies also benefit from our services, enabling them to focus on website design.

Realvision Internet Limited was incorporated in April 2017 to consolidate clients, projects, our team and support network into an efficient business model enabling continued business expansion and excellent support services.

We offer a friendly, professional service, if you have any questions, or need some advice start a live chat by clicking or pressing the chat widget on the bottom right of this page, or CONTACT US via our online form.

What our Clients have to say

Complete Joomla and Wordpress project

This job involved fixing issues with a Joomla website with WordPress embedded for the blog, updating the Joomla version, along with the template and all extensions, implementing additional site security measures, along with automated daily site backups including the WordPress site and database, updating WordPress and all plugins

Great guy and great developer.
Private Company based in Jackson, Wyoming, USA